Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Casino Business

Professional Accountant revision lecture was held at 8am! So damn early! As usual, I was late for almost 15minutes. Well, maybe not as usual. The usual would be not attending the lecture at all. Haha. The subject requires reading, so lecture is just like reading directly from the slides. Plus, having KawanBaikDr.Wong as our lecturer didn't make it any better. She has the ability to scare you away with her irritating voice. And she talks slow. Sigh. I'm lucky she didn't call me 'kawan baik' today when I entered into the lecture hall. Yes, you didn't see wrong. Kawan baik! She would usually say, "Kawan baik, sila cepat duduk" a few times if you're late for her class. Malu-fying.. Take note that she was holding the microphone. Now you know why her name is 'KawanBaikDr.Wong' in here. She has a good heart, I agree. She's trying her best to give her best so that we could do our best =) But it didn't work la. Hehe. The lecture was as boring as how it used to be. So, decision has been made. Ponteng terus. No more PA lecture for us!

It is not because we are lazy. Honest. We will be revising that subject for sure, on our own that is. Hehe. Wasted a Wednesday morning today. It won't be as bad if we didn't decide to play truant by not attending CR tutorial at the very last minute. Hehe. We'll be good tomorrow, we'll attend. Promise!

KawanBaikDr.Wong's voice put me half-asleep in the hall. Just then Spicy-B called wanted to tell something but end up hanging up on me after knowing that I was having "lecture". Well, he sent me a text after that anyway. Spicy-B gambled! Naughty! Luckily he's not generous to donate any money to the casino that day. Congratulation Spicy-B! Donate more to my UK fund. I'm a happy person today! Haha. This reminds me about something that BatuB.Z said earlier during lecture, "Since Lim Goh Tong die already, let's go Genting this Friday. I'm sure they will give out money. At least RM50!" *Faint* My sincere condolences to the family of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

My mind is playing tricks, asking me not to exercise today. I hope I have the determination to at least move a little later.

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