Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Home Alone For A Few Hours And I Go Nuts

There are times when one just needs to be alone. The peace and quietness is what a person needs sometimes. I have always wished I could have the leave-me -alone time or let-me-be or rather even if you're here-do-not-talk-to-me time.. These kinda moments where it seems impossible to obtain in this house of mine *well, not exactly mine =(*, out of the blue it came to me! Sisters are either in college, work or someone else's house. Dad went out before I even got the chance to say "Good Morning". I woke up late..and not like I ever say that to him our culture.. hehe.

I thought my first thought would be "Yay! Home Alone!! Finally, I can sleep the whole day without it being a problem to anyone!" My dad hates to see his daughters locking themselves in the room, you see. Ok, that thought did come to my mind for a second till the whole thing register up into my brain and makes me start thinking. I was scared being home alone after talking to SlowCatchUpKuan on the phone.

"Eh, you alone at home, you know?"
"Huh?!.." (Just woke up. Blur)
"Nobody at home la. Only you. Don't keep the room door closed k" (That is when I got to know I the only one at home. Haha)
"Just now I campak the keys in the living room. Go pick up and put it back"
"Yalar. -_-" Macam orang gaji saja. Ish~

You can't imagine how panicky I was. Straight ran out of the room, picked up the keys from the floor, put it back where it belongs. Then I stopped, and thought for a while, should I on the tv and stay in the room or should I not. Gone through all the consequences of the actions. If I on it while I'm in the room, and if so happen that my giddy aunt comes home to do a
spot-check on me, I'm a dead meat. Kena nag in a very 'proper' way. Beh tahan.. Chop my head off please! But if I don't on it and stay in the room, dad comes home and finds me in the room, kena pulak.. "Dangerous. Stay home like this, no sound at all, outside people will know, break in then how?! Everyday in the room for what? *Shakes head*" I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whichever I choose, will also kena.. Sigh. Safety first, I did on the television. And yes, I ran back to my room and blog about it. Haha.

I heard
noises just awhile ago. From the main gate. Gosh, I was in dilemma whether to go check out whose out there. I was too chicken to go find out. Scared it would some bastard trying to break in and rob me. Terrified. You would too if you read the newspaper covered with break-ins and rape cases. Especially if it's happening near to your place. As the noise drew closer, I had no choice but to stop blogging and peeked out from my room to see who's out there. Haih.. It was my dad lar! Waste time feeling scared only. Didn't expect him to be home so early. Usually will lepak till evening only come home. Lucky me it was daddy instead of the other person. Phew* tak kena marah. Hehe..

Sometimes I think too much. Bad for health. Worried when there isn't a need to. Plain silly.

What I plan to do next?
I shall eat my brunch. Practice eye contacts with the idiot box. Do some exercise. And maybe mop the floor? Maybe blog a little if there's anything to write about. Or maybe I'd just blog about nothing to blog about. Haha.

Hmm.. I'm fat! Found myself a diet coach. Yoke Ling my future life saver.
Haven't berjaya yet ma. Hehe. Thanks for texting me in the morning to remind me to exercise and for the experience you shared with me last night. A big hug to my mate here!

I miss someone for sure. But I can't talk. I hate when I start to hate. Hormones.

Another thing, you there! Stop harassing my blog and I! You know who you are. Get one yourself if you like :P

Excuse me for now, I've got 3D animated burgers to make and customers to serve! Thanks for the games people!

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