Friday, 26 October 2007

I Jog In Pool

Attention to those who do not have idea on how to swim at all. Do not take the swimming pool as your running ground.

I wasn't in the mood to exercise. I was tired but I felt guilty. I thought I might as well run few lapse in the pool since I do not know how to swim, it wouldn't be as tired or what.
So, I ran and I regretted because after that I have to suspend all my exercise routine for a few days due to the puncture marks that I get on both my feet. There must be pebbles in the pool! I still can't get the art of swimming. Take note that I was 'learning' from SlowCatchUpKuan and EatAllYouCanShung who don't know how to swim as well. Hehe. I can't even paddle like a dog!

2 on my left foot

5 on my right foot


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