Monday, 22 October 2007

Karat-ness Sudah Sampai Ke Otak

If you could see the puffiness of my eyes today, you'd know I had problem waking up today. Dad put extra effort by waking me up 3 times. Hehe. I'm lucky enough he didn't whack me on the head in order to get my eyes open just a little. I'm a troubled kid. Ok, a vampire is more like it. The past 2 weeks sleeping at 5am and waking at 11am has been the routine. I almost wanted to skip my first ever revision class. I felt the heaviness on my shoulder already when I woke up. Corporate Reporting, I'm not gifted to study this subject!

Since KidCheng is having an earlier class, therefore I had to follow and reach college early. It has been long since I visited my second home. Yes, the library! So nerdy =( It greeted me with coldness! The air-conditioner was in full blast. Haha. My nerdy partner, HungryJess was there to accompany me. Or was it me who accompanied her? Err..doesn't really matter. We end up chatting and updating each other for such a long time that we didn't study much. Hehe. Not forgetting the visits by AhHuaOurHero and TeddyMurphy, our faithful library companion.

The college finally has toilets inside the library itself! It used to be located outside the library building where you need to walk quite far to get there. The pathway could get really dark in the evening and it is quite secluded. And did I forget to mention that along the pathway, there is no shelter at all? Imagine if it's raining! That usually leaves us with no choice but to tahan from peeing or to go the the second nearest toilet, which we think it's haunted! So, you think that is considered a choice?! I think now you could understand how happy we are with the new toilets. We could have longer peeing and shitting session there, since it's still new and clean =P

To make sure that everyone knows about the new restrooms, the library administrators were kind enough to print out a notice and place it in the middle of the floor of the staircase which leads to where the restrooms are. Its was clearly stated that the ladies would be on the left and the gents are on the right, in case there are some who can't differentiate between a picture of a girl in skirt and a man without skirt. However, AhHuaOurHero wrongly interpreted, or maybe wrongly read the notice, *I don't know* and the confusion that he had left us laughing our butts off in the library. Haha.

"Did you see the sign there at the stairs?"
"Isn't it good? I mean it Is time for them to have a toilet here. So mahfan need to walk out everytime."
"Especially when it's raining, wanna go toilet also so susah. And the DKC toilet haunted ler. I don't want to go!"
"Yalor. Haunted! Then last time the toilet there no shelter wan. The guy's one also doesn't have right?"
"Don't have."
"Should go try out the toilet. Hehe."
"Ok. Hey, I go back to my place first k." (Then he starts to stand and make a move)
"Eh, why so many guys here eh? The notice there wrote left is for girls, right is for guys right? How come the guys sit left side wan."
-_-" -_-"

~*Picture will be uploaded tomorrow*~

Wow, the -_-" face that we had turned into laughter just as he started to walk off. Haha. Not a bad start for a day that we thought will only be filled with torture. Thanks, man!

TeddyMurphy came to have a chat with us after AhHuaOurHero left but end up migrating his things from another table to ours. We are still able attract people, you see! =P

"My face got fat already or not?"
"Yes, a little. But you fair already. And got pimples."
I was slow, still digesting his question and couldn't give any comments. Hehe.
"I all the while fair la. You see." (Showing off his fair arms.)
"Only this part of my arms is dark. Exposed to the sun too much."
"Oh." (The only remark that came from me. Haha.)


Corporate Reporting lecture started at 3pm to 6pm. Dreadful. In less than an hour, the lecture certified my failure in the subject. What used to be I-might-fail became I-already-failed. What else did I gain from the 3 hours of lecture? Depression, answers to the exams questions that I think would be quite useless to me because I could never understand that subject, and the acceptance to the fact that I could never ever pass this subject at all! Not now, not in future.

Anyhow, being a kiasu kid today, I did copy all the answers without knowing what they are about.

"Jess, what's that after the debit (DR) sign? Mash? So weird! I forgot everything dy! What's that?" (It was written 'Mach' on the transparency)
"What 'Mash' ? Machine la. Tak boleh tahan you la wey!"
"Oh, hehe. I thought it's some new thing that I missed out when study last time"

Can't deny anymore. My brain sudah karat! Damn!

Ugly handwriting..

Handwritting also sudah karat!

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