Friday, 12 October 2007

At Last! Pavilion!!

Another new mall! Yippie..

HungryJess and I had been trying to make plans to check out Pavilion, to see what's so great about the mall that have caused tremendous congestions around Bukit Bintang. Somehow we've cancelled our plans for god knows how many times for few specific reasons. So, we don't even dare to invite other friends to go along. Who knows how many other times we'd cancel it, right? Hehe.. Who would be happy if you ffk too many times, right?!

We've been trying to meet up with our diploma friends for countless times but to no avail. Our timetable clashed. Sigh. Lucky us, RadiantMeiLing is free on Tuesday. Finally! We've made it to the Pavilion together-gether =) Great seeing her again. Too bad InnocentSiewLing can't make it. Too bad for you girl! =P

Not given a choice, I had to wake up super early because HungryJess would fetch me to her house at 9.30am right after dropping her mom off to the office. I woke up at 9am! ok, to ME it's early.. Thank god this is compensated with the tasty bak kut teh brought over all the way from Klang by RadiantMeiLing. Yummy* After lunch, we went over to Tesco do some grocery shopping before heading to Pavilion. As none of us brought any cameras along, I need to 'steal' some pictures from other bloggers to show how Pavilion looks like. You see HungryJess, never listened to me, now I have to steal =S

"Hey Jess, remember to bring your camera yea."
"Er, ok. Let me check if it's working and to make sure there's battery inside."
"Owh.. I didn't know you use AA batteries. Hmm, you didn't check when I told you about it yesterday uh?"
"Hehe. Yea. Coz this is an old camera from my sis." (still examining the camera and the batteries)
"Whoops.. The batteries are flat lah.."
" -_-" "

Back to Pavilion. One of the first things that caught our eyes was the whole stretch of restaurants for us to choose from! Haha..

There you go..

View from the entrance

The whole stretch of restaurants

I think this the the biggest Guess outlet in Malaysia

The typical Zara

Yes! Banana Republic in Pavilion too..I love...

Good news for us. Unlike The Garden
s, you can still find those ordinary brands for instance Zara, MNG, Giordano, Topshop, etc in the Pavilion. But of course there are those designer brands as well.

Tired of walking and it was tea time. Head straight to J.Co Donuts & Coffee. Had some yummilicious doughnuts (Glazzy, Alcapone and Krunchy Krunchy) and beverages (Moccabella and Iced Chocolate). Their slogan "Don't Blame Us For Making You An Addict". Trust me. You WILL be ADDICTED!

Yummilicious J.Co Donuts & Coffee

They even have good service

We didn't eat this much k!...hmmm...I'm hungry already~

Oh yea, updates on RadiantMeiLing. She just changed her handphone not long. The boyfriend bought her Nokia N95 and she's getting him a puppy as a birthday present.
*Special thanks to RadiantMeiLing for waking up 7 something in the morning to get us the bak kut teh*

As for today, I went to Maju Junction. Nothing much to blog about. Crowded.

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ggmu said...

I'm addicted to Pavillion for all the foods i can get there~ IT's just great! :D