Friday, 12 October 2007

Happy people lunching @ Krua Thai

HungryJess is homeless again. Home is not the happiest place to be sometimes. Here she is bumming in my house again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. Indeed I'm very happy there is someone here to laze around with. Hehe. She should come more often =)

Another day of waking up early as HungryJess reached my house at 9am. As usual, we watched lousy programmes on television, online to check mails and hoping to see LawyerSara online. We wanted to know if he has any ideas to get the poor human beings like us to UK. No luck in that though. Batang hidung pun tak nampak! As I'm writing this, HungryJess is taking a nap, hugging my bone pillow right after lunch. Sigh*

Highlight of the day: Our lunch in Krua Thai Restaurant, Metroprima Kepong!
We asked SlowCatchUpKuan for suggestions for places where we can get good food and we decided to hunt for Krua Thai for some authentic Thai food. Plus it's the nearest we can get as we don't wish to travel too far. Took us some time to get to the restaurant. There was a little confusion on the location. For those who are hunting for Krua Thai, it's actually on the right side of Carrefour, second row of shops, same road where GASoline is located.

What we had? We ordered a "small" seafood tom yam (Tomyam Ta-lay), a "small" Thai' kerabu chicken feet (Yap Ler Mer Nang), 2 bowl of rice, one coconut drink and a glass of chinese tea. Despite the word 'small' in the menu, they serve us big portions of dishes but really small bowl of rice. We couldn't even finish the two dishes! The price is cheap compared to other places. The seafood tom yam with 4 large prawns, lalas, oyster mushrooms and squid only cost us RM20. The kerabu chicken feet cost Rm10, coconut RM3.50 and the chinese tea RM0.50. Where else can you get Thai food at such price and portion.

That was one of the best Thai food we had ever eaten so far! The best lunch we had during our semester break. My favourite would be the tom yam. The hotness and the sourness are just right for my taste buds. I thought of bringing Spicy-B there when he comes back, but on second thought, maybe not. Don't think he can take the spiciness of it =P As for the kerabu chicken feet, it was alright for me as I was never a big fan of chicken feet. According to HungryJess, it was tasty. Coming out from the mouth of someone who doesn't eat chicken feet at all, I believe it's worth trying for those who loves such dish. The coconut was real nice and cooling. It's different from those coconuts I've drank before and the flesh is really smooth! I'm craving for more! Thai food lovers out there it is a MUST to try and be the judge yourself.

Moreover, they provide good service! The staffs are all Thais, therefore they barely speak English. The food came fast after we placed our orders. They were writing in Thai when we were ordering. HungryJess commented that the writing looks more like Tamil. Haha. It was raining heavily while we eat and we saw one of the waiters was standing outside the restaurant with a large umbrella helping their customers to get to their car. Excellent service!

Receipt in Thai

Wow, we're really enjoying our holidays here. We are two happy people, when we don't have to study that is. Hehe..

To my dearest Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya. Hope you guys get loadsa duit raya this year..Maaf zahir & batin. Rindu kat korang sangat sangat. Muacks*

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