Friday, 30 November 2007

J.Co Pulls You From Hell To Heaven

I'll let HungryJess and BadBoyVincent show you the J.Co Way... The melted chocolate coated Choco Loco with heavenly chocotey filling that drips at your first bite, sends you straight to heaven if you were in hell! However, the TiraMissYou that BadBoyVincent had was a little too sweet for us. Besides, we can't really taste the supposed-to-have coffee taste. My favourite for the day was definetely Dons Mochino (coffee cream filling) and Heaven Berry (strawberry cream with sour-y taste)!!!

Bite bite... Yummy Yummy...GGrrrrrr................

Oh no! It's dripping... Lick! Lick! Don't waste!!

I'm mouthful and Handful~

Spot the chocolate on the fingers...*SLurp*

Sobs* I am craving badly for Heaven Berry now!! Make me feel like I'm in a Heaven of Berry!!!


Johnny Ong said...

where did u get that heaven berry?

curryegg said...

Oh no.... you're making me hungry.. Haha....

And hello. I am curryegg here. Nice to meet you.

amei79 said...

WalauA, seem hungry betol2, eat eagerly...haha

blurryhunniee said...

johnny ong
it's from J.Co. One of my favourites! XD

Haha. I was making myself hungry actually! This is an outdated post. Hehe. Pictures taken one month back =S

Nice to meet you too!

Go Go...Go makan!! Hehe said...

ahhaha Jco Donuts really pull us from hell to heaven
Anyway, I bought 6 dozens of Jco Donuts too..

blurryhunniee said...
6 dozen??!! 6 pieces is it? :P
Why bought so many? Got some celebration or something? Ahh... should send me some XD

MerCuRy said...

really 6 dozens leh.... "D

blurryhunniee said...

Gimme 6 also enough to make me a happy puppy :P

Anonymous said...

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