Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tagged! Hairstyle

*Tagged by SlowCatchUpKuan*

This tag is so much fun! Looking back at those pictures put a smile on my face, at first. Then as I was approaching the end, I got depressed coz I used to be thin and now I'm fat! Ugh~

1) My one and only baby-still-don't-know-how-to-walk picture. Look at the botak-ness at the side of my tiny head. Hehe.


2) My mushroom hairstyle (the kid on the right). I just woke up from my beauty sleep, I think. Most probably, coz I have got a lot of pictures of that age with some sleepy looks. Mom used to call me sleeping beauty -_-" *I'm a princess then. Haha.*


3) Almost the same hairstyle as the previous one, but with a little parting in the middle. Ignore my inappropriate way of sitting. *I'm no model alright*

Look! I can reach my feet... Everybody faster go Oooh and Aaahh~

4) One of my favourite hairstyle. Slightly longer but have not reached the shoulders yet. I miss those straight and silky hairs!! Only god knows how my hair can turn into such a mess now.

I'm in the first row, wearing a blue dress =)

5) There you go. I can tie my hair already. Still with straight fringe and no side-parting or what-so-ever yet.

The ancient indoor theme park in Genting Highlands

6) I love my hair so much!! My mom used to part it and tie it into two for kindergarten. The kerbau hairstyle.

I'm smart! I'm smart! Ok, I'm not. I used to be smart =S

7) Back to my short hair. Still love it. Haha. I love all my hairstyles before it turned into some wavy mess =(

Phew* Shades, bar counter, alcohols at the back.... How cool can you get eh? =P

8) Dung Gu (mushroom) head. I miss it!

I miss those cute little shorts with cute cartoons and the comfy shirts that I had back then..

9) As you can see, it's starting to get some waves here. Still bearable and manageable though.

The nerds to the National Library for the first and the last time. Hehe

10) Now only I notice that I've been rotating me hairstyle from short to long to short and to long again. This hairstyle is a failure coz it was suppose to look like the hairstyle that Ryoko Hiroshue had in Beach Boys. Don't even look alike lar! Ish! I remember going to the toilet in school so many times in a day to wet my hair making sure that it doesn't look like my hair is eating up my head. My hair was really bouncy.

So thin back then... I miss you, my thin body... I want to look like that now! Even with the hairstyle, I don't mind

11) F*ck! I'm growing fat! The hairstylist layered my hair too much! This picture was taken not long after blow-drying it, but still can see the waviness. Imagine how it looks like after washing my hair. What a disaster!

Acting like a lady.. Reality, the opposite

12) I didn't cut my hair for more than 3 months here. Long and ugly. I looked very leong! Embarrassing..

I can't even smile properly with such hairstyle

13) Not bad for not cutting hair for months, still got use. Curled my hair with the Panasonic curlers for Spicy-B's prom. LiNaa did my hair =) Looks like it has been done by a real stylist? Thanks girl!

I love the curls. But a permanent one would be too much to handle for me

14) The ironed-straight hair!! Hehe. Yeap, the rebonding was good. Not to say my favourite hairstyle, but it was so much easier to deal with. I even stopped combing my hair for a very long time and the hair still stays straight. However, it's a bit too flat. If you have still have problem recognising, I'm the one on the right.

Wah, really smooth and silky. I used to call this as fake hair! Kekeke*

15) After months of trimming, what's left was only the newly grown hair at the top and the straightened ones at the end of the hair. It got wavy again! Arrggghhh... save me!!

I was driving a sports car that is why my hair was in a mess *pretend you don't see the roof of the car* =P Yea right!

16) The ending of the hair looked like chicken feathers already. Saddening.

Bad hair image during industrial training

17) The messy hair of mine got out of control and I chopped it off.

This is the nicer version of my current hair. After sweating looked so much better. Maybe I should make myself sweat before going out next time. Hehe

I tag Spicy-B, KennyTheKingOfJackpot and UFern


Ehon said...

hey, thanks for dropping by! :) hair is *always* a problem. lol! well, i use my personality to shadow my disastrous hair!

yipguseng said...

OMG! u really looks like a new girl in my office which just joined weeks ago :O

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i like the mushroom hair!!! faster cut that style!!!

adrian said...

the botak looks great... easy to handle too ~

blurryhunniee said...

thanks for dropping by as well=)
hmm..i bet you have a great personality then. hehe. but it doesn't always work though. people do tend to jusge a book by its cover =S
p/s: i want postcard!!=P

er, you mean the current-me? or the baby me? =P maybe i've got a long lost twin sister or something eh..
by the way, thanks for dropping by!

i love the mushroom hair too! but with a fat face like now, nah,i'm gonna pass that.

haha. yeap. but i don't want to be called botak-head. lol