Wednesday, 21 November 2007

BadBoyVincent Loves His Early Birthday Present!

Thank you wombok for your suggestion =) Keep the suggestions/comments/lollipops coming in, people!! I still need to think of what to get for other friends' birthdays presents, anniversary, Christmas, etc. So many celebrations will only keep me stranded in Brokeville. No chance to escape at all!!

Anyways, BadBoyVincent loves his first ever birthday present in the year! Yes, it's from me!! Of course he loves it since he was the one who chose it and bought it. I did pay back lar, so it's from me. Hehe. He loves it too much that he was fashion show-ing his slippers in his house. The kid was basically marching, jumping, skipping, walking in any ways that you could and could not think of. The audience were no other than the very supportive HungryJess and I *clap clap* Should just wear that to jog eh?

Hmm.. Looks like November is going to be your month, BadBoyVincent. Your name has been appearing in most of my November posts. You should pay me for the publicity, right HungryJess?! =P

Happy Be-early Birthday BadBoyVincent!!!


CarmenK said...

Lol. Asking him to choose and then paying back.

Smart! Haha. Don't have to crack your head thinking of what to buy.

I never know what to buy for my friends. xD

Ehon said...

I never encourage ppl to buy me present UNLESS i get to choose. :P HAHA! Better to buy something I want/need rather than wasting, right?

I think for guys it's always clothes, and weird stuff.

blurryhunniee said...

That's the best I could do. Really cracked my head and still can't think of what to get. Sigh. Luckily he didn't mind getting the present himself. Hehe

Haha. Good for yor friends, no need to buy you presents. Can save the money :P
I prefer getting something that I really want too. But surprises once in a while wouldn't hurt XD
Hmm.. Buying clothes every year? What kind of weird stuffs eh?