Friday, 23 November 2007

The Adorable Puppy That Jumps

"There's a puppy in the house!!"

KidCheng was alerting SlowCatchUpKuan and I this morning. That was the best wake up call ever. I jumped straight out of bed and ran to the kitchen and found an adorable puppy staring at us as we walk near it. If not mistaken, I think this little thing is the 8th dog that has entered into our house voluntarily, not forced! I heard from dad that it has been straying around the neighbourhood since yesterday and when the neighbour tries to lure it into their house, it refuses to follow them. However, it ended up in OUR house this morning. Well, mom said that if dogs enter into the house it will bring you luck! So more luck to us then *Woohoo~*

Isn't she an adorable little thing.... Ok, all dogs are adorable -_-"

Hmm.. the poor thing is a She. Why is she a poor thing? At first she was straying outside, which only means she's homeless and she has fleas! Lots of it, I think. She has been scratching herself non-stop and till now, you can really see her skin!! She keeps lying like a carpet on the floor, she rolls around back and forth, upside down and barks whenever the fleas gets into her nerves! She must be suffering. Mom is kind of upset that she has fleas. I hope she won't 'disappear' when I wake up tomorrow.

I am itchy!! I'm itchy ... Sobs**

We have no idea what to do to her. We've thought of bringing her to the vet, but nobody wants to give us a lift. Ugh~ We've bathed her 3 times today! But it doesn't make any difference =( I don't wish to see a sick puppy lying at the road side the next time I see her. Keeping her would be a problem as we are not financially capable to keep a dog. Sigh. What to do with her??? How to get rid of the suckers a.k.a fleas??!!


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

she will get sick..dont bath her too much =P stray dogs are need vet for that kind of condition.

feed it with loads of foods.. you will know why, she will be jumping around happily soon enough.

eStee said...

i love dogs!!!

js said...

Once, a monkey went into my house a day before chinese new year (year of monkey summore!)

The monkey finished of a bottle of chocolate on the table meant for guests. How's that for luck?

blurryhunniee said...

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
Really got fleas lar!! You thought I was joking or what? Anyways, sis bought the special shampoo already... Just bathed it, but it's too early to see any results I think.

I love dogs too!! But this fleas matters, kind of a tough job to handle. Sigh~

Haha. I never heard any stories about monkeys yet. So how was it? Did you or anyone in the family get any luck? Hit a jackpot perhaps? XD

usws said...

Cute dog, i love them too.. unless they're the bitey type. Why have dogs been coming into your house randomly? Do you have like some giant picture of a bone somewhere? Haha..

So you aren't gonna give it a reason to stay? Providing it with food will definitely do that.

I think they sell sprays to get rid of fleas. You've got to consult someone before you use it though, in case her skin is over sensitive or is already injured from all that scratching.


blurryhunniee said...

This pup bites!! But not those serious type, it's more to like its playing with you type. Hehe. I have no idea why dogs like my house. Maybe they can sense that they are guranteed to get food here. LOL.

Yikes, a friend is bringing the spray for us tomorrow. I thought of just spraying it! Hmm.. looks like I've got to find out more before doing so. Thanks for the tip!

AdrianC said...

must get rid of the fleas ya. dont just keep it like that. even the shampoo wont help getting rid of the fleas, they are tough. go buy some flaa poison, not expensive and apply them.

you can also manually check them for fleas. they are quite big and cling to the skin tighlty. if im not mistaken you can plug them out quickly.

but my dog havent had that problem before =)

hope this helps. cya soon!

blurryhunniee said...

Already bring the dog to the vet. The doc said that it's not fleas that is bothering it. The dog has skin infection. So now we are applying med everyday. But can't stop it from scratching, so don't know when only can heal. Sigh~

Ek, I was worried that the fleas will get to my body as well!! Haha. Serious! Then I would be the one scratching non-stop.

Lucky you that your dog is fine. Hmm, interested in getting another dog? Cause I don't think we'd be able to keep this. Give it a thought yea :D

Thanks for the tips again!