Sunday, 11 November 2007

Pengsan So Many Times!

I sms-ed M.C.Square the other day,

Me: Oi, whr r u la? i find every floor in libry oso din c u! (I was bluffing about the search =P)
M.C.Square: Huh? im not in libry oso. of coz u cant find me. find me for wat?
Me: Pengsan. U sed have lunch together today wert. y u din come?! u ah...aeroplane king!
M.C.Square: whr got? im not aeroplane king la. i gv u wrong info izit? not today la. or izit yan gv u wrong info. not me la. (Putting the blame on another person somemore -_-")
Me: No la. i'm sure it was u. n u sed today! we waited so long now u tel me u not here! aeroplane king. jess pengsan how. she hungry u know?! she faint thn its ur responsibility ah.
M.C.Square: Im not king la. dats yan, not me. yan is the aeroplane queen u know! jess wont faint la. if she faint means she pregnant la, then not my responsibility, its wincent's. (Can even spell his CR and FM partner's name wrongly. Sigh)
Me: *faint* Pregnant?! -_-" anyways, yan queen, u king lor. eh, u really can reka hor.i reali can gv u award dy. best creator/scriptwriter!
M.C.Square: thx ya. i can take tis award, fristly i 1 2 thx 2 tis movie director, backstage staffs, all d audience and very very important is.... My fans!! Thx you! Muak muak~
Me: i faint man! me leh? no nid to thank izit?! who gv u the award wan! ggrrrhhh
M.C.Square: Ok lor. u oso la.
Me: -_-" (Left me speechless)