Sunday, 18 November 2007

Porridge Steamboat In Farmland

The giddy aunt indirectly nagged me not to bathe too long because we are already late for the dinner that I did not even plan to go. I hate to be rushed! Damn tulan!

That was the longest journey to Sri Petaling. Thanks to the stubborn giddy aunt who rejected every offer to be led! We went pusing and pusing and pusing!! The worst part of this whole f*cking trip was to have to be in the same moving vehicle with It!

Next time won't get lost if you want to go...

I just had my first porridge steamboat in Farmland Porridge Steamboat & Spicy Restaurant, Sri Petaling. The texture of the porridge is so fine that it tasted like shark fin. *drooling* The mixture of vegetables, tauhu, fish balls and the usual food that you have in those normal steamboat makes the porridge so so sweet in the end. Sitting beside GroovyTerence was the right choice as he served me the whole time. Haha. I forgot to mention about prawns! That's because I did not eat any. As extra dish, we had bacons! But bacons in porridge aren't as good as the grilled type. I still think this is much better than the usual steamboat that we had. We also had fried Nam Yu Pork Ribs as side dish. The ribs were so fat! Geli!! I only took one bite and the rest ended up in GroovyTerence's bowl. Hehe.

Paiseh to take picture in front of everyone.... so just accept this one...

The service was just so-so. They were slow in refilling the porridge into the pot. Sigh.

Random: GroovyTerence sounded like a pervert today when we sang us the Gimme More song by Britney Spears and he told us that he likes the part where Britney goes "uh".. Gatal!!

Farmland Porridge Steamboat & Spicy Restaurant (Sri Petaling)
38 E, Ground Floor,
Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Seri Petaling,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-90570886 / +603-90570806


Netster said...

Is that erm prawn? So big prawn! Oh no! ohh no it ruin the Porridge LOL! I never like prawn!


blurryhunniee said...

Yeap, they were very generous to give us such big prawn. Hehe. Nah, it didn't spoil the taste of the porridge at all. You should try it =D
By the way, prawns ain't that bad if there is someone to peel it for you =P

Simple American said...

The porrige does look yummy. I think my missus will cook some Friday with the turkey bones, which tastes really nice. Can always count on this dish in my house after pigging out on Thanksgiving turkey on Thursday over here in the states. Too stuffed for anything else.

Saw your picture posts too. Cute cute. Why do women always think they are fat?

Thanks for peeking at my blog. :)

blurryhunniee said...

simple american
Wow.. I think yours will taste even better since you're using turkey bones as ingredient.. *yummy*

Ahhh..*blushing* thanks for the compliment..
By the way, not all women think they are fat. Only the fat ones do. Yeap, am talking about myself here =P

ps: Thanks for dropping by too =)

Canny Har™ said...

The shop is just 5 mins away from my house.....I should try it next time!!

blurryhunniee said...

Yes, go try! Hehe...
By the way, I didn't know you stay there -_-

Nux V said...

i m staying nearby there too...but never drop by at tht restaurant...

blurryhunniee said...

nux v
Go eat!! Hehe..