Friday, 23 November 2007

Study + Pressure = Cuckoo ??!!

BatuB.Z: You know my friend studied in engineering in U.S. Damn smart. But he's crazy now!
HungryJess: Stress is it?
BatuB.Z: I think he got pressure lar. Then he really go crazy. The parents went U.S brought him to China coz they are working there. Then he study Chinese Language and now become some volunteer teaching Chinese.
Me: Such a waste.

BatuB.Z: I got another friend. Very smart. Top student and all. Suddenly in Form 3 he gone crazy also!
Me: Wah, you got a lot of friends gone cuckoo hor?!
BatuB.Z: Really wan. He then cannot read anything at all. He open the books, he get headache. Same goes to newspaper. What also cannot read. You see ah,smart people very easy become crazy!
BadBoyVincent: (smiling to himself)
Me: Why are you smiling, Vincent?

BadBoyVincent: Imagine if he drive halfway look at the signboard and he goes Vrrooomm.. Boommmm (with actions somemore)
BatuB.Z, HungryJess, Me: -_-"
HungryJess: You think we'd become like that soon? Will we go crazy?

After studying and looking at each other for a second,
BatuB.Z: Hahahaa... No lar. Look at us!

Conclusion: We are either not smart, or we could never be as serious as his friends to become a nutcase.

Sometimes I do think that we shouldn't take life too seriously. Go out, have some fun! Too much pressure you impose on yourself will only force out some negative results. Look at the Indian girl who committed suicide over her UPSR results. There's so much in life than a piece of paper with ABCs printed on it! *Convincing myself that IF (very high possibility) I fail my ACCA papers, it will not be the end of the world*


usws said...

Oh yikes, reminds me of a friend in secondary school. It wouldn't be very nice to say he went cuckoo but that's what happened to him honestly. He was still okay during and immediately after PMR but he didn't do that well for it (although he's freaking smart plus his mum is a teacher, HIS teacher in class). The year after that, he couldn't concentrate anymore. He put on weight, started talking to himself, walked around all the time and complained that he saw things (eg. someone pulling out my brain from my ear).

It continued on into form 5 and finally, he didn't even sit for his SPM. Devastated his mum who didn't know what was wrong with him. Even drugs didn't work all that well. And he was such a smart and athletic student before that happened.

I think this happened partly because of his PMR results where he got a B for the subject his mum was teaching. Then, there's also his star-achiever brother who got straight A's, JPA scholarship and who is studying medicine. Alot of pressure, too much in fact.

Some classmates thought he was faking it but i doubt anyone would go to the extent of skipping SPM. That would have been such a waste of time after being in school for so long. And the weight gain thing isn't something people would do just to make a point or for attention.

Pity him and his parents. It's scary also how something like that could happen so suddenly. Yikes!!


CarmenK said...

Yeah, true.

Real life example would be my now-retired teacher. She was a Physics teacher (though I never went under her) and was so good that once her students said the SPM paper was easy.

But she's well ... y'know.

Other than that, she's really cool. Can sing and model for us at random times!

blurryhunniee said...

I'm very sorry about what happened to that friend of yours. He must have felt pressured having a brother who is so succesful already. Maybe he have doubts on his own ability.

Everyone has their own thinking. I guess nobody will be able to figure out what your friend is going through. Some just couldn't think outside the box. Not to say they do it on purpose or what, but they are just like that.

By the way, I really hope your friend is doing alright now!

Hmm... Since she can sing and all like normal, her condition is not that serious right? Better than those who doesn't do anything other than talking to themselves =S