Thursday, 1 November 2007

Brokeville Here I Come

First I dropped HotCharlene's Nokia 7610 into the water. I am so so sorry =( Then I had to use back my stone age handphone, Nokia 2100. But it failed me at last. I was dumfounded when the screen of the phone stared blankly at me as I kept pressing all the buttons. Ugh, the buttons are not responding at all. I can't even unlock the bloody phone! Messages can't be read, I can't text anyone, calls can't be answered, I can't call out and my contact numbers are all in there. I can't even use the house phone to make any calls because I don't remember most of the numbers stored in the phone.

Damn! I don't want to get a new phone. I'm not ready to get one at the moment. Buying a new gadget will definitely send to off to brokeville. Not forgetting there are still loads of other stuffs that I need to get. I have no intention of going there for a visit! I want to cry! *Sob*

Any dermawan out there?

1 comment:

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

bokeville? i think i more to extreme-brokeville-challenge-supreme...