Saturday, 3 November 2007

Paintball War !!

After a long wait, the paintball photos have finally found their way into my laptop. *1 year plus already* However, some got lost in transition because YanIsFair haven't got the time to send her share of pictures to me. I'll just have to keep the rest of the photos for myself to view then.

Ahh....those were days. First year in advanced diploma, where we were still very much carefree and jovial. At least there were more cheerful faces to be seen each day compared to now. At least we could still slip in some time to go for paintball, you see. Second year is a mere distress.

While HungryJess, YanIsFair and I were bumming around in BatuB.Z's room, YanIsFair found an advertisement in The Sun newspaper on the promotion available for students who are interested to have a battle in the paintball field. So calls were made to confirm everything and details have been planned, what's left was to wait for the day to come.

We rushed to the Bukit Jalil Stadium after lunch and changed into our attire and had been briefed before able to enter into the battle field. *sesat for a lil while* The dirty clothes went into the trashcan by the end of the day. Lazy people lazy to wash. Hehe. Anyway, they briefed us on ethics *do we look so ganas and would kill each other for real?!*, the rules of the game, demonstrated to us how to hold the gun correctly and the safety features that we must practice.

They made us keep all our belongings in the car before wearing the suit-like uniforms, thus no pictures of us in it =(

Hunt and Kill !! Bwahahaha...

Groups were formed and the battle began. For youngsters who don't exercise at all, we did quite well. *Two thumbs up* InnocentMeiYee had problem with breathing though. It was stuffy there and the mosquitoes were really attacking her like crazy. Another feeding frenzy day for the vampires it seemed. The funniest incident was when the instructor realized that SmartKY was wearing the face mask upside down. I wonder how the hell he breathed. o_O



"The lesson to be learnt today is..." =P

Take note that those mosquitoes did not only attack InnocentMeiYee, solely favours her blood. Keke. All of us did donate a lot of our blood to those flying insects! However, she did get the most bites compared to anyone of us.

One bite...Two bites..Three bites...Arrgghh..too many..I give up!

Who got the most bites? Who's hand is the red-est?..InnocentMeiYee, you're the champion lar! Unbeatable..

Initially we have planned to have dinner together in Cheras after the game as we didn't know it was actually InnocentMeiYee and SmartKY's first year anniversary! Yes, they dump us and the both of them had their dinner in some posh restaurant=S Happy Belated Anniversary, dears! Anyhow, since it's not dinner time yet, means more time for camwhoring session! Wheee~

Group photo of the squad

So colourful...I got bruise here...wait....and here...and here.... -_-"

All pictures taken only after the battle =(

We secretly targeted BoyishSoonCheong for awhile. Not so much of a secret now. Haha. Sorry lar. Want revenge? Another game, ok? You're paying alright?! =P

We add some macho-ness to your pants, BoyishSoonCheong.. Thank us =P

YanIsFair, Blurryhunniee, M.C.Square, BigJeff, BatuB.Z

WoeiSanLovesAvril signing off on behalf of us from the paintball battle field

Next destination, we went to SmartKY's house to have a nice bath before dinner. BlurHuiLing and M.C.Square enjoyed the most there mainly because there were hogging the massage chair the whole time.

Dinner time!! YanIsFair promised to have dinner at home. Without SmartKY, there were only 2 cars left to fit 8 of us. Bad luck caught us when BatuB.Z's car had a little problem. So left 7 of us to fit into a small Kembara. Sigh. BoyishSoonCheong sacrificed himself and took the back seat. Really at the BACK! Hehe..

Saves petrol travel like this

After dinner, M.C.Square found that there was some problem with the front lights of his Kembara so we were stranded in Cheras for quite a long time. By the time I got home, dad showed me his sour face =S

We approximately spent RM70 excluding dinner.

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