Friday, 9 November 2007

Fart Talk And Sex Talk

I had a bowl of delicious pan mee for lunch today in Mien-dui-Mien (Face-to-Face) Restaurant, Genting Klang. Not going to blog about it today though since I did not take any pictures of it. Bah! However, thank you so much for spending us lunch, BadBoyVincent! =)

We were already feeling sleepy not long after lunch. But we did not instantly take a nap. I'm sure everyone knows that sleep-after-eat = fat! So BadBoyVincent enlightened us with some 'non-fiction' facts.

Ahhh.... I feel good~

BadBoyVincent: You know, last time I have this Indian family as my neighbour. They have this paria dog as a pet that farts a lot and it was so powerful that you can actually smell it in the whole house!
Me: Do dogs fart?! You see it before?
BadBoyVincent: No lar. Never see before. And of course they fart. They have a normal body like a human does.
HungryJess: You sure it really farts?! You got smell before or not??
BadBoyVincent: No. No. Hehe. And it really farts lar! Continue with my story, so one day the kids stuffed a wine cork into the the dog's ass, trying to stop it from farting. Haha.
Me: My god! They do such thing *shakes head*
HungryJess: Hahahahahaa..... So does it work?
BadBoyVincent: No! The dog cannot tahan already and farted so the cork flew out opposite direction and the boys were running as far as they could. And the whole house stinks!
Me, HungryJess, BadBoyVincent: (Laughing our asses off!)
HungryJess: You sure dogs really fart ah? How you know?
BadBoyVincent: You know 'sex'? Have you seen cats have sex before? They have sex just like human. It's the same theory.
HungryJess: Yes, I know sex. But I never see cats do it before! How they do?
BadBoyVincent: -_-"
Me: I know! I know! I saw before! Haha. You know cats, they just climb on the female then the cucuk their dicks in lar! Haha.
HungryJess: (Looking very much amazed)
Me: Yalar. They have that thing lar. I saw it last time when the cat was licking itself and I saw it. It's pink in colour.
BadBoyVincent: -_-"
Me: But I still don't know how does a fart from a dog looks for sound or smells like! -_-"

Guess what are these mammals up to...