Tuesday, 6 November 2007

China Chicken In KL Disco

HungryJess: I heard you went clubbing that day. Where did you go?
M.C.Square: Since when did I go clubbing? Who told you?
HungryJess: Jeff lar. Say no money still go clubbing. So where did you go?
M.C.Square: When?
HungryJess: The day that we all had lunch together in Genting Klang.
M.C.Square: When??
Me: Just tell him the date!
HungryJess: 26th October lar. Ish! (M.C.Square's birthday)
M.C.Square: Oohh... Ya ya..

Is that a symptom of impaired memory? I hope it doesn't get any worse and followed by impaired thought and speech and finally complete helplessness =P

M.C.Square: No lar. Didn't go clubbing but I went disco. Haha. It was a Saturday and I didn't want to sit at home but I didn't want to call people out either so I waited for calls at home. My friend called and ajak me go disco so I go lar.
Me: -_-" What an excuse!
M.C.Square: I've been to other discos in other states but was the first in KL. Very different from clubs, you know! So dark. What also cannot see. Sigh.
HungryJess: So many people there? Can see many leng luis around?
M.C.Square: No lar. Didn't see.
Me: Why? You didn't bring your specs?? That's why you can't see if there's any pretty girls?
M.C.Square: No lar. Really dark. Can't see anything. Really have to go so near to the person only can see. That also not clear.
Me: Good lar. Can take advantage. See near near! Haha.
M.C.Square: -_-"
HungryJess: So did you have fun?
M.C.Square: Err.. How to say leh... Got alot of aunties lor. And people shaking their heads lor! And, errr... Got a lot of... chick...
Me: Huh? Chick? Hot chicks?
M.C.Square: Err... China chick.. Chicken*
Me, HungryJess: Ooooo.... Hahahahahaha.
Me: So those chick nice?
M.C.Square: Can't see clearly. But old lar. Not young ones. The ones got people want already all in the middle. Our table is at the side. All those unwanted ones came to us!
Me: Bwahahahahaha....
HungryJess: (Still grinning) So you get any??
M.C.Square: No lar. But they very cheong kong! Direct come to you and hug you wey!
Me: Ohhhhh.... Means you kena lar... So lucky ah..Haha.
M.C.Square: No. No. Not me. My friend. Hehe. Aiya, they want money to buy pills so they can shake head only lar. Eh Hun, look at Jess, I think she interested in going lar.
Me: Huh?
M.C.Square: See lar. Still smiling. She has desire to go already. Jess, you want to go is it? Bring you there next time.
HungryJess: You spend then I go lor.
M.C.Square: Expensive there. But maybe got China gigolo for you leh. Go lar. Hehe.
Me: Haha. Bad lar. You leh, you want China chick anot? You want just tell. We share share spend you lar.
M.C.Square: Yer, you spend me KFC better.
Me: Why? China chick not as nice as KFC chick?!
M.C.Square: Yalar. So old. I don't want. Next time go clubbing better. Else go sing K, but so gay lar two guys go only.
Me, HungryJess: No! What is so gay? o_O

* Chicken = Hooker