Thursday, 29 May 2008

Bruised And Trashed

Pinched by a ghost while I sleep? I wonder where did I get that from. No ouch, no nothing. Maybe I'm just too numb to feel anything now.

Looks like I'm prone to bruises. One after another.

Life hasn't been that great lately. A tiring week I must say.

Trashed. Swollen, puffy eyes with dark eye circles. Bruised in so many ways. Mentally exhausted. Anger. Hatred. Unproductive. Inefficient. Insufficient. OK, my life is real sad.

Trashed like nobody's biz

I need to practice my faking skills now- I'm a happy jolly girl. Life is great and filled with wonderful people. Everything has been sweet. I love everyone. I even love all friends' friends. Nothing pisses me off coz I can only see positive lovely things. Done!

I'm getting good at it. It just a matter of time to be able to do it without people around you realize that you're faking it. Hmm, maybe by then I won't be able to differentiate what's true and what's not. Practice does make perfect. I'm so numb saying "Sorry", "My fault", "My wrong" now. Proven. In life, you will come to a point where right or wrong does not matter anymore coz you will be made wrong even when you're not. And it is so damn potong steam to talk halfway and be left with no choice but to continue the next time coz it so fucking kacau my momentum to speak!

I've been feeding too much on Friendster, Facebook, MSN and SMS lately. Think I'm getting sick and tired of it. I shall seek for other entertainment now.



Simon Seow said...

maybe you pinched yourself when you're dreaming.

Anonymous said...

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blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
I must have. Really can't recall how I get it -.-

bernard n. skull
What did I tell you??