Friday, 16 May 2008

I Wish I Did Not Ask

Sometimes there are things that you wish you did not ask. There are things that you wish you would not know of at all. There are things that are better left untold and unrealised.

I vow not to ask anymore. I vow not to ask at all. I vow not to ask. I vow not to ask. I vow not to want to know. I vow not to ask. I vow not to ask. I vow not to ask. I vow not to ask again. I vow not to interfere at all. I vow not to know. Ouch* that hurts!

Let's see if it works by saying it so many times. I hope it does. Coz there ARE things that I rather not know but I am the one ended up doing the asking and hoping for er... another answer? Sometimes one may also end up thinking, "Why bother?" -_-" Coz then you'd start to get so damn sensitive, think too far ahead, confuse yourself and end up questioning about the matter of compatibility.

By the way, sweet sweet RavinBoy is coming back this weekend :D But I don't think I am able to meet up with him this time. Ugh, life sucks! Will meet up with him the weekend right after exams? *Hopefully* Woohoo... Don't you just love your friends? I do. They cheer you up at the right moment with just minor things. They say, some things come and go. It sure does not applies to friends at all. Wow, it somehow related to FairYan's recent post. So, treat it like a reply to you ya, darl!


Serene said...

yes there's also one thing that i wish i did not know at all... *sad*

read my post and u will know..

blurryhunniee said...

If only there's no such thing as 'curiousity'. If only there isn't such thing as things that we do not wish to know. Then things will sure be a lot better.

My best wishes to you. And I'm sorry about your Baby's cats.

amei79 said...

simple practice, ask only when neccessary & keep mouth shut when unneccessary...the problem is sometime we are so blur if we are in a sitution of "neccessary" or "unneccessary" to ask!

blurryhunniee said...

That's the problem! But even if we can differentiate what's necessary and what's not, we sometimes can't control ourselves not to ask! Human -_-