Friday, 30 May 2008

Happy. No?

I miss the happy me. I sooo wanna be happy again.

BigJeff wonders what happened to me when we chatted online just now. According to him, I sound like I'm angry. OK, I fail at faking it. Failure. I wish people give out certs for failing coz I'm sure not getting one from ACCA. Then I bet my house will filled with my certs.

Hmmm... I wonder is Juan coming back this year. No news from her for a very long time already =S

I'm craving for Japanese food now. Again, sucks coz I can't get it now. Ugh, can I fast forward my life to the day I'm lying in the coffin?


Falcon said...

You doing your ACCA? it must be exam season..Good Luck!!

Hei...dont feel sad can be really pathetic...but we must learn to look at the positive side of it..

blurryhunniee said...

Yea, it sure is. Thanks, I really need lotsa luck nowadays >__<

Still learning. Sigh~