Thursday, 1 May 2008

Shopping Cart Software - US - payment gateways

We have benefited so much from the usage of internet to the extent that many are using this medium to make a living. The traditional way of buying and selling in person has been replaced with making and processing the transactions online. However, setting up an online business is not as simple as just obtaining a website alone. The selection of shopping cart solution a critical matter.

Ashop Commerce provides one of the world largest and best shopping cart software for merchants to sell their products online. They have the sufficient experience to provide you the quality of service that you expect them to have. I bet you'd enjoy to have your entire business to be managed from a single, reliable e-commerce shopping cart software.

The transaction process involves a customer visiting your website, view your products, decide on which to buy, click the 'buy me' button and the item will then be added to the shopping cart. After confirmation, the customer's personal and financial details will be recorded and subsequently transmitted to a payment gateway service, which would securely routes the information through the relevant financial networks. Upon a successful transaction, the funds will be cleared.

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that act as an intermediary between merchants' shopping cart and all the financial networks involved in the transaction that function to authorize payments for e-businesses. Payment gateway encrypts transaction details, checks the validity of information and ensures that they are sent to the correct destination, which then decrypts the responses that are sent back to the shopping cart. An example payment gateway made available in Ashop Commerce is 2Checkout. 2 Checkout review reveals that only charges one time signup fee, per transaction charges fee as well as commission per transaction fee if you decided to choose that as your payment gateway service.


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