Thursday, 8 May 2008

Never Give Up Searching If Your Dog Gone Missing!

SlowCatchUpKuan blogged about how Pou Pou (our adult dog) gone missing caused by TheLooneySpinster at this house. Read about it HERE.

I'm so glad we found her after 4 days of searching day and night. *I'm very dark now due to searching under the hot hot sun -.-* Everyone in my neighbourhood must have been irritated by our voice, screaming our lungs out, calling out for Pou Pou to come home every single day. We're lucky that SlowCatchUpKuan and her bf found her on the way out for a night swim. She was hiding in a small bush, scared, hungry and thirsty. We're lucky to get her back, unlike what happened to MugMug :( *I still feel sad whenever I think of MugMug* When we get Pou Pou back, tears were in everyone's eyes, even mom's who used to complain how high the expenses it is to take care of two dogs.

This is how she was like when we first adopted her. She hides and can't move one bit at all when she's scared

Pou Pou was stick thin when sis brought her back home. She even drank a whole plate of water all by herself. Poor thing~ She must have been so scared out there alone.

Pou Pou wearing UFO collar after spaying. Soooo adorable!

So sorry for letting such thing happened to you, Pou Pou. I promise to not let TheLooneySpinster do any awful things to you anymore. When I said I will, I will!

KidCheng do not like making appearances in my blog -_-"

Special thanks to a neighbour of mine, Bobby's owner. Thanks, aunty for the support and encouragement. Her dog was once lost and found after 8 hours of searching!


Simon Seow said...

Yeah! Thank god Pou Pou was found, even though it's been 4 days. Take good care of her now.

Johnny Ong said...

shld hav post up in yr blog under "lost section". more ppl will search for it.

ghost said...

Glad you didn't give up

Serene said...

Glad you found ya dog.. i cannot imagine what will happen to me if i lose my dog.. I think i will go super crazy.. happy for you :)

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
Will do that for sure! :D

johnny ong
Never came to my mind to do that. Coz we presume she'd be going my housing area and it would be easier if we walk around and look for her.

Luckily we didn't! Else god knows what would happen to her.

Thanks girl! You take good care of your dog too! :)