Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Good Intention To Poison My Dog?!

Remember the time when I said someone is trying to poison my baby Kobe? It is all out of good intention, or so the person claimed it to be lar at least. What are the chances of she getting her dirty hands on my pup? I'd say the percentage is higher now.

The bottle of 'poison' must have been 100 years of age or something coz I heard she complained that it was old when she brought it back and there's no way to open it up unless she cut it open with a saw! And so she finally did saw it open today!! I was like WTF?! I can't believe that she did it!! Er, wait. I can. Looney! -_-

Crazy woman on the move. Use a little imagination now, and combine both pictures below.


Crazy woman... but nowhere near as pretty as this actress

Crazy, right?! FUCK! I need to stay up tonight to watch out for her in case she poison my baby early in the morning. Not like it makes any difference. I've staying up for so many long hours every night.

She better try it on herself before trying it on some creature that is worth much more than she is!

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