Thursday, 1 May 2008

I Heart You

Phew* Some of the comments for Tell Me What You Would Do If He Cheats On You post got a bit too sensitive and gone a little out of hand. So I have no choice but to remove them. It would be nicer if you guys would state your names when you leave comments? *Polluting my blog -_-* Coz it's just weird to call you Anonymous *although your identity is so obvious*. So Anonymous, I'm glad that you know what you want. Hmm, now that you mention that the girl and the boyfriend are better off as friends, come to think of it, it might be better. Ahh.. what to I know anyway. Haha. Become friends again, thats ideal. Achievable? Well, good luck Anonymous. As for the rest of the comments, I think I'd leave for tomorrow to reply? I want to study after this post. Exams is near and I'm far from prepared. I vomit whenever I think of it. Sigh~

Oh damn! I didn't plan to blog about all those written above! This post is suppose to be one that shows my appreciation to someone -_-" So better maneuver back to the main topic.

HungryJess was happily enjoying her curry fish head and popiah dinner yesterday while I was eating sausages at home. Popiah! *yummy* I have not been eating popiah for quite some time already. I was so jealous :P But guess what?! HungryJess decided to pamper me today with the delicious popiah from Wangsa Maju before tuition and with jagung (corn) as desert! :D Er... she didn't personally buy it though. She directed/asked *hehe* her boyfriend to do so. One of the best dinner I've got for a long time. Mom cooks oily food at home lar =X Thank you very much, girl. The right food at the right timing from the right person (: It's the small little details that matters. I heart you, HungryJess! If I'm a lesbian, I'd sure go after you. Haha. Scared leh??? :P

It's time to study! @_@

Photoshop does wonders :)


Simon Seow said...

Intro HungryJess to me lor then.

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wow this is so shit man. the one posting is ur frens and u said like they are polluting ur blog.?! pls wake up. Its not me btw, but i know who is it coz i screwed d person when i read ur blog post.

so what if u had some "guys" here supporting u. they r not even helping u but trying to get ur attention. WAKEUP. read at the girls (michelle yip) comment they are helpful. they know things better.

Comments that u dislike may be good, is only that u only seek for comments that is in your favour.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for dropping at my site. nice to knoe ur blog as well as u.

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
I can't! She already has a boyfriend. So sorry about that :P

- i.r.v.i.n.e -
I do love comments like such :P Who doesn't? -_-

Same to you :D