Friday, 23 May 2008

De Foodland Seafood Restaurant

I am really good at making my posts outdated. Haha. Here's another one. We celebrated dad's birthday at De Foodland Seafood Restaurant, located in Manjalara. It's great to be able to get delicious crabs so near home.

De Foodland Seafood Restaurant

I was stoned to see the menu. It was filled with so many pictures all the food available there. This is certainly good for those who are not good with names of food, same goes to us. The pictures sure helped us in the selection of orders. However, there was not a single "RM" word in the menu. They didn't state any price in the menu -_-" How to budget??

We prefer to have some greens when we eat Chinese food. So, we ordered the Four Heavenly King to go with our rice. It is a mixture of four different types of veggies fried together. And the fried krill really added some flavor to the dish. This is nice as it's not too salty. I've tried some salty ones in other restaurant. Hmm.. salt might be some cheap stuff at those moment.

Four Heavenly King

Judging from the name of the restaurant, you would have already guessed that we ordered seafood as well. We had Kung Pou Mantis Prawns that night. It is also known as Lai Liu Har in Cantonese. The dish comprises mantis prawns, red chili, onion and capsicum fried together. The prawns are fresh. The gravy goes well with the rice as it tasted sweet in a way. I was rather disappointed with the fact that I could not taste any spiciness in this dish. I'm a fan of spicy food but the dried chili got me fooled. Sigh~

Kung Pou Mantis Prawns

De Foodland is famous for their crabs! *drools* I've eaten the best crabs ever in that restaurant! The crabs were very meaty and every bite is very satisfying. We ordered two different types of crabs. 1kg each. Both tasted good, but if I've got to choose one to give two thumbs up, it would be their Creamy Butter Crab! The gravy is thick and creamy *duh!* so it goes well with the fried bun. But the fried bun was rather oily! *yuck*

Creamy Butter Crab

The other crab dish was Sweet & Sour Crab. The taste of the gravy was not as heavy as I would like it to be. But it's not all bad. At least you could taste the freshness of the crab meat since it is not heavily covered by the taste of the gravy.

Sweet & Sour Crab

For those who would like to try out at this restaurant but have no idea how to get there, here's a map for you guys! :D

Map to guide you there

Creamy Butter Crab (1 kg) - RM54.00
Sweet & Sour Crab (1 kg) - RM54.00
Kung Pou Mantis Prawn - RM12.00
Four Heavenly King - RM10.00
Bun - RM3.00
White Rice (6 pax) - RM6.00
Chinese Tea ( 5 pax) - RM6.00
Longan drink (1 pax) - RM2.80

TOTAL - RM155.20 (RM147.80 + RM7.40(tax))

De Foodland Seafood Restaurant
25 & 27 Jalan 3/62B,
Bandar Sri Manjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-62744796/+6016-2331141

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