Friday, 23 May 2008

Smart Way Of Communication

I used to follow a few different magazines every month until not long ago when the inflation and minor financial crisis got the best of me. OK, to me it's actually a quite major one. I've started to cut down on my entertainment reading materials and soon after that I've stopped buying it totally. I am the type that would read every single detail in the magazines. Therefore, I used to be sufficiently informed about all the new products in the market. I've noticed there were quite a lot of advertisements in each magazine and that used to be the smartest way for the advertisers to communicate with their buyers.

However, the internet technology has bloomed to become part of our culture. Many of us go online everyday, at least once a day without miss. Hence advertising through the internet has now become the smartest way of communicating sellers' latest products to the end users. I'm glad that the number of advertisers that opt to put up their advertising through blogs is increasing.

There are some of the companies that I would love to write for, especially those of my favorite brands. It would be cool if Levi's, Zara or Pull and Bear would sponsor my blog. These are some of my favorite brands! On the other hand, I don't see much skincare companies doing much online sponsorship as well. It would be great to have company brands such as MAC or Benefit joining this method of communication. I would also like to see more of Nike and Adidas sponsorship in blogs.

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