Sunday, 25 May 2008

M.C.Square Said My WTF Is Bad!

Today is such an unproductive day. I've been doing zero reading. I'm so gonna fail the fucking upcoming papers! Did I mention that I failed all my college last semester's papers? Yeap, I checked the results already. I got 2 C+ and 1 C. I think that's considered fail in the new grading system. Not like it matters since I've already quit from college. But still, it is my first time failing in exams. Oh, I used to be a brilliant student. But now, I'm all stupid.

The black laptop screen has been staring at me the whole day. Alright, it was me who stared. What difference does it make?! My eyes are all dried now due to the staring and something else. It's swollen too. So bye-bye bikini-trying in the malls. I shall stay home tomorrow. I even pollute my bed with so many "wantans" (used and wrapped tissue papers)! I've never felt so insulted in my who damn life! Terima kasih!

I realized I've said too much today. I'll try not to blog about certain things and mention about certain people from now on *this should be the last one*. Some things are better kept to myself. Pray that I won't die of over-emotions O_0

The spinster at home has been giving me headaches every single day. She is trying to poison my baby Kobe! I'm mentally exhausted now. Yes, that ugly bitch is trying to poison my gorgeous bitch with some poisonous spray that is usually used on pigs and cattle. *WTF!* She sure does a lot of acting at home. Cunning! How I wish I have good acting skills. Then I can pretend to like her from the front but play some voodoo tricks on her at the back! *gggrrrrr* I'm not blessed with such skills though. What a waste!

What has all these got to do with the title? Nothing! :P It's just that M.C.Square complained that I've cursed a lot these few days and I've influenced HungryJess to do so too. I'm an angel really innocent! I did not influence her or what. Ask her! All I said was, WTF WTF WTF WTF! M.C.Square cursed a lot more. You're the bad influence, sucker! :P

P/S: I'm thinking of making this a private blog hence restricts readers of my blog. Should I?


Falcon said...

ranting at its

yan said...

aiyoo darl...C- only consider fail lar...u have pass all your papers...but that doesnt matter lar..since u have quit tarc..but anyway juz wanna give u are not stupid at all lar...if say stupid i lagi stupid lar...i've failed 2 papers ler..gonna resit it after my external leh...lagi cham lar...exams n exams non getting tired of it lar....shit!!!

Serene said...

Y restrict?! WTF! oooops!

seriously dun restrict lar.. if not I cant read anymore... Sob..

blurryhunniee said...

I'm good at it =S

Er, I had? LOL. All the while I thought I failed. Yes, it doesn't matter. But gatal wanna know only. Haha.

Yor, exams is all about luck my girl. Ok, not all. But luck plays a part. You're not stupid la. And you're hardworking. See la how I'm going to fail my coming papers. I'm doomed!

Never liked exams and I don't think I will ever like it in future.

WTF! hehe :P

Just a thought. Some personal reasons. Most probably won't be doing so. We'll see how it goes. Restrict dy I can still send personal invitation to you to read eh? :D

Thanks for your support, girl! Hugs*

Serene said...

Hockay COOL! then I wun stop u from restricting as long as you keep me informed.. *evil grin*

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Why so many "WTF" ?

blurryhunniee said...

Wokey! winks**

I'm rude full stop