Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My Yesterday

Few things about yesterday's barbeque gathering at BoyishSoonCheong's house in Hulu Langat (exams is near, so I better make it short and write a proper post after exams).

.: I love Pull and Bear! :P I just can't resist making this statement. Hehe. HungryJess and I went to One U before going over to BoyishSoonCheong's house. I tried on the dress that I've been craving for again *blush* and I'm loving it even more :(

.: HungryJess, FairYan and M.C.Square got whip whipped cream all over their bodies. I, on the other hand got whipped cream all over but in addition I got splashed with soap water as well as some detergent water! Life is so unfair! -_-


.: HungryJess's sandals was spoiled in the process of seeking revenge. She blamed it on M.C.Square. She reconfirmed herself as an O.K.U. Haha.

.: Some of us went yumcha in Damansara after that. BatuBZ's car smelled creamy, thanks to us :D

.: We felt cheated.

.: BatuBZ almost called the Malay woman at the toll 'Babi"! Haha.

.: Too much laughter and hooker stories in the car @_@

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