Friday, 23 May 2008

Real Monsters In My Childhood


I remember watching Real Monsters when I was adorable a kid. One of the best cartoons ever! I simply love the monsters characters and the storyline is funny. It's FUNNY kind of funny, and not LAME kind of funny if you get what I mean. Cartoons nowadays are just so different. I prefer the ones I used to watch when I was young.

I personally thinks Real Monsters are a bunch of cute looking creatures. I remember someone from school commented that I like ugly things. Well, no. I only like beautiful ugly things. Haha. Ugly is not ugly anymore when it is adorably ugly, right? :P

As much I like the cartoon, I couldn't recall the names of the characters =X I enjoy watching the fatty pink hairy monster clumsily chasing after its eyeballs! You see, the monsters do not have any eye sockets to secure its eyeballs, so its hands hold the balls like a socket.

I even used to draw sketches of Real Monsters in my personal drawing book. Too bad I can't remember where I've kept the drawing book already. I'm old and I have bad memory! My drawing used to be not bad at all k!

This sure is so much better than watching the pathetic 3D Barbie dancing with her prince in the garden of flowers.

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