Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Caught red-handed!!

One of the many favourite pictures taken on the barbeque night :D

Yalar... I was the photographer! Hahaha :P Sorry girl, I can't resist to post this up.

FairYan got caught in action! Doing what? Kena tangkap basah. Hmm... I wonder :P


Simon Seow said...

I think she's just lying there trying to relax until suddenly paparazzi blurryhunniee came and took her photos.

yan said...

OMG!!!i look so UGLY...ur photograph skills not good lar...and i'm juz lying on the bed...not kena tangkap basah...hahaha...=P

blurryhunniee said...

simon seow
You got that partly right! :P She was lying there, yes. But she wasn't relaxing. She was actually getting ready for another photo shoot. Hehe. Caught her at the right moment :D

Yor..where got ugly? So pretty!! :P Eh, my photography skill not bad k, if not how was I able to capture such beautiful photo eh? Kekeke. Tangkap basah!! :P Mana lelaki simpanan tu? >.<