Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Girls And Their Sixth Sense

Some said girls have some kind of supernatural power in sensing things. How true can that be? But if that all of a sudden feeling that you have over something happens more than once and your so-called sixth sense have got it right for more than once, then maybe you should listen to what your senses are telling you. Especially if you got it right for quite a number of times.

If you have a feeling that your friends are going to cancel tonight's appointment, it probably is true and will happen.

If you sense that something bad is going to happen at certain times, it would most probably happen.

If you have a feeling that your best friend is talking behind your back, he/she most probably is.

If you sense that your someone you don't like is in contact with someone you like in any ways, the person is probably doing it.

If you sense that your boyfriend is not telling you things or lying to you, he most probably is.

If you have a special feeling that you're going to hit the next jackpot, hmm... maybe you should listen to what your heart is telling you :D


SilverIsle said...

Yea, true. I have random thoughts coming up to my mind all the time but I usually will just choose to ignore them most of the time as I don't wanna add problems to my daily life. Haha.

blurryhunniee said...

I hope I'm like that too. Then I won't be worrying about too many things most of the times. Sigh, I should try harder not to care -.-

Johnny Ong said...

hmmm in this case u can get rich very fast

blurryhunniee said...

johnny ong
If only my sixth sense could sense such things. Unfortunately, I can only sense bad things, things that I do not like @_@