Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Arrggghhhh... stressful. Living in this house is stressful. Seeing looney people is stressful. Living under the same roof as the looney is stressful. The man in the house had PMS and it's stressful. I think I'm going crazy soon. This is crazy!

Walking the dogs in the evening was my only escape.


JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

No worry
Once i kena the jaCkpot.
no more stress!
jalan-jalan around UK =)

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

after mothers day already family stress? naughty.

cheer up =) june is coming!

Johnny Ong said...

guy having pms? what does pms stands for in the case of this guy .... hehe

alvincheng said...

Thx for visiting my site. Dun be sad. Life is interesting. Do come to my site and have a seat when free.

Serene said...

dun be StresseD.. have some DessertS.. got it? ;)

Simon Seow said...

Interesting family you got there.

blurryhunniee said...

When you kena only say lar yea? :P

- i.r.v.i.n.e-
All the while stress. Only the degree of stress-ness differs from day to day -_-

Glad that June is coming. Mom kept saying "June is coming, he'll be back" @_@ But exams is in June as well lar..Sigh

johnny ong
I have no idea. Haha. Can't think of what to call it yet. Any suggestions?

Life can be like hell sometimes :( But will sure to visit your site when I'm free :)

I'm getting Cheezels later :D

simon seow
It's more to the complicated side. If this is what interesting is, I think I rather my life is a simple one.