Friday, 23 May 2008

I Am My Favorite Pair Of Pants

I haven't been wearing pants for a very long time, unless shorts count. I used to feel uncomfortable to be in a pair of long pants as I'd be too conscious of how unfeminine I'd look. I would naturally have this rugged walk which I hate but can't seem to avoid. However, this ended after this year's birthday because I got a new pair of jeans from the two of my dearest! It was love at the first sight and I'm still loving that pair of jeans. It's no Dockers. It's only a Forever 21. But it still is a pair of pants, right? That pair of pants of mine is totally different from the other pants I used to own. I don't walk like a man now, I'm comfortable in it and I feel good wearing it! I wear it out, I wear it in. Yes, I try it out so often at home for no apparent reason.


Life as my favorite pair of pants is full of ups and downs. If I'm my pants, I'd tell the owner of how sick I am with all the trying and stretching. The only thing I'm happy about being tried on is how good I look in the mirror. I'm proud of the slimming effect I give to my owner and I'm positively sure that my owner is happy about it too because I heard "Ahhh.. I look taller and my thighs do not look as big now." for quite a number of times already. My owner is a vain creature. I'm not too happy to be dragged along the tar road during weekdays. But I do enjoy the trips to the malls and other special occasions. I'm kept save in a dry place after each trip and I think this will definitely gives me a longer life!

After this, I'm sure there are many other pants out there that are more than willing to be one of my favorite pants. I will treat them right. That's the life of my favorite pants. How did you treat yours? Are your favorite pants happy with its life? Tell the story of your favorite pair of pants by submitting a video entry to the Dockers contest, which the winner's video would be aired on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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