Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Is It Advisable To Wear Bikinis As Bras?

Holiday has become Stressful Day for me. Everyone will be at home. I repeat, EVERYONE will be AT HOME! Hence, Wesak Day has been a stressful one for me. Well, not only me. But to many of us at home. Kobe is definitely one of us. So we *I brought Kobe along* hibernated in the room for half a day. But unfortunately the weather was too hot for us to take in a room without air-conditioner :( I must say, I hate public holidays! I will only start loving public holidays when I start working. Hehe.

I shall move to another matter now, no point being stress about it now when everyone involved is already asleep. Hmm, I have been craving for many things nowadays. I wonder why this always happens when I am vacationing in Brokeville -_-" This is sad. My life is sad. Damn! Let's not think about the financial crisis, and let me dream a little bit.

Let the dream begin.......

I've been thinking about getting a bikini! I don't plan to wear it just like that. I don't have an ultra hot body like the models *self-conscious* and I do not even know how to swim. Don' get all confused over this. I actually thought of wearing the bikini inside, as a bra. It ought to be more comfortable than a bra. And it's so much nicer looking than a bra! Haha. But I don't think it gives support to the breast as how a bra does. I don't like the idea of what gravity can do to the breast! *saggy... saggy* :( I just love bikinis, even if I wear it only as inner wears. I heart beautiful and cute looking things! Cannot ah?! -_-" Wear it once awhile as a bra wouldn't hurt that much, right? Excuses :P Yes, when I want it, I'll try to convince myself one way or another.

Nice bikini with some knitting on it! I like! I like!

Isn't this beautiful??

Since I won't be able to go on any vacations to any beaches now, it would sure be nice to have the bitchy beach-y feel at least. Beach in K.L, how cool can that be!

Another sizzling hot body! phew*

Next craving, straw bags!! Not exactly straw bags alone. I've been browsing through too many websites selling nice bags! I saw a plain small sling bag that was selling on the web that goes well with any dresses of casual wears, but too bad I do not have the picture of it with me now. And it somehow gives me the girlish feel. Oh yea, I even found some nice straw bags that are oh-so-gorgeous~

Suits the beach as well as the malls!

A classy-looking one!

I've always wanted a good-looking, comfortable and durable pair of flip flops. My Hush Puppies ones too painful to wear. Sobs.

Why good flip flops in Malaysia so expensive???


I've also been craving for sunnies that will make me look like a zillion bucks! Haha. Too bad I don't drive and it's kind of weird to be wearing one taking the public transports. People will think I'm siao (crazy) ! -_-"

Ahhhhhh..... I feel so bitchy beach-y already! So weird.... so weird......


haan said...

i believe both bikini and bra serve different purposes, apart from the "common sense" we know - one is esp for water. however, give it a try and share your experiences.. :)

Simon Seow said...

You sounds like there's 10-15 living in your house.

mIcheLLe said...

personally I think that it's okay to wear bikini tops as bras, provided that the person is not very well endowed (like me hur hurhur) because there's not much difference. :) very comfy, by the way!! :)

StuckS said...

i didnt know bra and bikini are two different things.. 0.o" lol

Serene said...

haha.. i do tat too.. once in a while lar.. coz i cannot afford to always wear bikini as bra when i have so much tanning and need to use them very often.. haha..

anyway bra or bikini.. both freaking NOT CHEAP!! Arrgghh!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Dun wear better!
Save money, save cost, save worries.!

SilverIsle said...

Although this is a different thing. But your post reminds me of my friend wearing bras under her bikinis. =_=

cHrIstInA_YY said...

muahaha, I love bikinis!!! I enjoy seeing beautiful chicks wearing them on the white sandy beach... sunbathing there... *drools*

- Off topic -
LoL, sk... you're friend is really "special" eh =D

AhVoo... said...

bikini serves as bras when you feel like wanna wear some loose tops. like show off your bikini (as you say they are nice looking) but beware of gravity effects! i believe most of the girls in KL dont need to worry too much of the gravity...

Tributetoasillygirl said...

hey . i would recommend you to buy havaianas flip flop.It's really nice. I used to have a few.Although it's a bit costly but is still better than roxy or billabong.I dont mind helping you buy.Coz i am thinking of doing a spree..

blurryhunniee said...

Definitely both serve different purposes. Would love to give it a try too! When I got the money to buy one, that is. Then I's share the experience with you guys eh :D

simon seow
The number is 11. There used to be that many people living here. But now, left 10 -_-

I think gravity does affect the breasts a lot. Especially the ones that are er... heavier? Let's just say quite worried about the gravity effect. teehee*

Congrats! You learned something new today! :P

Since you've been wearing bikinis so often, you prefer those that's like strings tied hanging on the neck, or those that are slightly thicker? I like the way strings type mainly coz it looks nicer. Hehe. But I have a feeling that thicker ones provide better support.

I totally agree on that! I don't understand why must they price the bras and bikinis so bloody expensive! It's somehow like asking us not to wear bras at all and have saggy breasts! This is so not fair!

Haha. I know lar. Next time you ask your gf not to wear at all lar. Then you happy lor :P

-_-" I wonder where did she get the idea.

*high five* I enjoy seeing them too! But I secretly wished to trade body with any one of them. Hehe.

Looks like you have experience in this :P One thing is, every girls is affected by the gravity. Just a matter of how much it affects.

How much exactly is "costly"? Coz I was thinking about getting a pair of Ipanema. It's not as expensive as those other branded ones like Roxy, but it's very comfortable!

ramona said...

if you look like adriana lima, you can wear bikinis in any situation !

mark said...

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