Saturday, 24 May 2008

You Wanna See Males?! I Give You Naked Ones!

Dearest, KennyTheKingOfJackPot.

You've been such a great friend so far. Thanks for being there at times when I needed a friend eventhough you're physically in UK. Couldn't ask for more. Except, er... do you still want to offer me another 10 pounds and another 10 pounds and another 10 pounds for my *ahem* updates? I might consider now :P

What better way to reward a good friend than to give him what he wants, right? There you go, my boy! A picture of guys! :D Ignore the girls if you do not like looking at them. Haha. I bet this is better than the previous photo of mine that I posted @_@

"I see many big tummy boys today!"- HungryJess-

Update you here. Remember you're supposed to pay for the dinner we're suppose to dine in The Gardens when you're back? I decline that now. We go for Hajime instead alright! You paying! :P


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Holy shit. =S
I damn scare people might think that i am a gay blogger!!!

Lolx...not nice la all the guys and girls.But when i look at the pic, i feel like eating pork.
lolx. duno why. Eat as in really want to eat food, not like guys.

Hie. post Charlene pic la. I want to see. worry the 10pounds.
If i hit the jackpot, sure no problem!

kianbung said...

but they're not naked. =\

i demand my 15 seconds back!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

ohya. why some of them not naked one? Aiks...><

blurryhunniee said...

Er, nothing wrong with being gay wert! Haha. But I did make you sound like a gay eh? So sorry! Just can't help it :P

Hmm. she has been taken already lar. Don't gatal boleh ke? keke..

Eh, when kena jackpot you gonna gimme 10pounds only? -_-"

Some of them not naked? The girls you mean? Yer, I didn't know you so hamsap leh!

They are half-NAKED. Sorry to disappoint you though. I returned your 15seconds already. Just came all the way back from your blog :)