Friday, 23 May 2008

E.M.O Is No Crime

How high is your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Some are convinced that it is much important having high EQ than IQ as EQ will be the one that will determine how successful you allow your life to be. With EQ, you obviously understand your own feelings and emotions as well as of those around you. This gives you the benefit to react appropriately to different people in different situations.

Not to worry if you're low in EQ. That doesn't mean that you are 100% going to be a loser in future.

I am an emotional person. The only difference is, I sometimes, most of the times actually, am able to hide how I feel. Hmm, I wonder if that makes me a person with low EQ or high EQ. At times when the time bomb explodes, that's when I could not hide it anymore. If you read "I hate you" from my face or from the things I've said, I probably hate you at that moment. How long will it last? God knows!

If God wants me to choose one thing to give it back to Him, I would be glad that He'd take back all the emotions that He has given me. I rather not feel anything than having so much mixed up feeling all the time. I call it mixed up, coz it really is mixed up. Mixed up to the extent that I do not really know what and how I am feeling. It goes straight to the heart without passing the brain I guess. Maybe that's why I couldn't process and analyse the feelings and cause all the emotional heart pains.

Hurt. Pain. Anger. Confusion. Sometimes just felt like crying for no apparent reasons. If you think about it again, there are reasons actually but since there are too many things bottled up in the heart for too long, the reasons got jumbled up and end up not knowing the reasons at that moment. I'm fucking confuse now! Emo! OK, I'm not making any sense here. This is bloody annoying.

Anyhow, I believe being emotional is not a crime and it can't be controlled. It's not a choice. Let's see in future if I'd turn out to be a loser.

I was watching the Chinese series just now. The female character asked her husband a very emotional but risky rational question, which I think I might want to ask the boyfriend. One part of me wanted to know. The other part, do not even wish to mention the question at all. Dilemma.

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